Climate tech

Looking for a concrete way to offset carbon your carbon footprint ? French startup Ecotree has came up with a brilliant solution to the ever-pressing issue of climate change mitigation and biodiversity crisis.

Ecotree offers its individual and corporate clients a long term investment in trees, going beyond the traditional credit carbon-based solutions and contributing to capture carbon along the way and in the long run.

To top it all up, they have digitalized their customer journey, and generate financial returns once the tree is harvested  for sustainable wood. Its expert team of foresters and scientists have created unique nature-based solutions that allow companies and individuals to support sustainable forestry and vital conservation projects.

Ecotree has showcased an impressive traction both in the consumer space with +584,000 clients, but also in the B2B side with +2,000 corporate clients including Societe Generale.

The company closed a Series B of over €12 million in June 2022.

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